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Can I walk in and get a whole pie of whatever I want, whenever I want?

We are a small bakery and make as many pies as we can, however we may occasionally sell out. There is no guaranteed availability on any pies and all pies are sold on a first come first served basis. We always encourage pre-orders for whole pies.

I came in for a whole pie and there were none available, but there were still slices of that pie, how can that be?

Each day a certain number of pies are allocated for whole pie sales and for slices. It is possible that we will be sold out of whole pies and still have pie available in slices, or vice versa, we always encourage pre-orders for whole pies. This policy is to ensure that we have enough slices in our inventory to serve all of our customers who choose to enjoy a slice of pie.

How do I special order a pie?

Please call our shop 480-635-2425 during business hours.  Here is our schedule: Order TUES by noon; for pickup FRI | Order WEDS by noon; for pickup SAT | Order THUR by noon; pickup SUN | Order SAT by noon; for pickup TUES

Can I pre-order a pie on the same day I would like to pick it up?

Pies cannot be ordered for same day pick up. You can come in for a whole pie on a first-come first-served basis.

Can I walk in to get a pie for the holidays?

Yes, a limited number of whole pies will be available for pick up on the holidays on a first come, first served basis. Holiday hours may vary from regular business hours, so be sure to check the website for details.

I placed a pre-order for pie and I no longer want the pie, can I cancel?

Pre-ordered pies are made just for you. Therefore, 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of a regular pre-order for a refund. Pre-orders for holidays must be paid for in advance and are not refundable. Refunds are not offered for day of pre-ordered pies that are not picked up or after the scheduled pick up date.

Are there ALWAYS slices available from the store front?

Usually. However, sometimes we sell out. Call us at 480-635-2425 to check.

I ordered a pie for pick up and I found a pie I would like better, can I trade it out?

A pre-ordered pie cannot be traded out for another type of pie at the time of pick up.

I ordered a pie and I don’t want to pick up that day, can I change the pick up date?

Pick up dates for pre-ordered pies cannot be changed without 24 hours’ advance notice.

Do you bake anything that is gluten free?

No, we have a lot of flour flying through the air at the bakery and do not want to cross contaminate any gluten free desserts. If you have other food allergies or diet restrictions, let us know.

I love your pies, but can I order a cake?

Sorry, but we are a pie bakery.  The only other desserts we make are tarts and cheesecakes.

I’ve heard great things about Pie Snob; can you ship one to me?

Thank you, but we have chosen not to ship our pies. We want you to experience a fantastic pie and we can’t guarantee that in the mail.

How should I store my pie?

Most pies will keep approximately 2-3 days from purchase. It is not necessary to refrigerate fruit pies; however, in the hotter months it will help preserve quality. Cream pies contain dairy and must be kept refrigerated.

Where can I find your pies?

Come see us at our shop 3630 E. Indian School Road or at the following restaurants:  All O.H.S.O. Brewery locations, Bertha’s Café, Ginos East and Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails.

I want to serve pie at my wedding, party, event; do you cater? 

Absolutely!  Please see our catering page and wedding fact sheet.

What if I want pie at my event/restaurant/I just want to purchase large quantities of pie?

People love pie, especially Pie Snob. Send us an email with your request and we will customize a pie-plan that suits your needs.